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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our newest product is almost available.  We just need YOUR help to name it.  As you can see below we are adding a pillow to our line.  It is a small pillow with a pocket on the back to fill with any sort of trinket.  The idea started with a tooth fairy pillow but this can be used for so much more.  What do YOU think we should call it?  The _______ Pillow will be for sale on our website as soon as it has a name.  The contest goes all week from Thursday 2/2-Thursday 2/9 with the winner announced on Friday 2/10. Put on your creative thinking cap and enter our contest on our facebook page.

OK enough about the contest- here's the great new product. It is a 8" x 11" pillow with a fun word on the front - Giggle, Grin, Laugh, Smile, and Dream are what they say.  On the back is a little pocket for anything your child might treasure from trinkets to teeth.